Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong! (eBook)


How often do you hear yourself saying, “I work too hard to be this broke”? Are you constantly working your butt off, always playing by the rules and still not getting ahead? Perhaps you did well in school because you believed the promise that your hard work would pay off later. Are you getting that pay off?

Most of us aren’t.

The title makes a very bold claim, but we can definitely back it up. There’s no point in playing by the rules when the rules have changed without anyone telling you. Until now.

Ask the so called financial experts”How do you get rich?” Here is what they will tell you,”Go to school,get a good job loaded with benefits,then while working,leave below your means and save a lot.Then when you are 65,you will be rich.”

Everything you know about money is wrong

Everything you know about money is wrong/Photo

When they say that,this is what they mean,”Be a slave to some employer for 40 years that has no reason to care about you and is just using you to get rich,and you will never have freedom or fun until you are too old to enjoy the freedom and have fun.
This eBook opens your eyes and corrects all the false things that you have been made to believe about money.At the end,money shall be your friend to engage with and develop a nice relationship with.It shall work for you!


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