How to Sell: Create shop and upload products

To sell your product on, you must have an account, we have provided a procedure on how to register. After registration, the next step is opening your shop where you will be uploading your products.

How to open shop

how to open shop on

To open shop;

  • Login into your account
  • In My account section, Click MY SHOP tab
  • Fill the following mandatory details for your shop to be approved (Your shop NAME, Shop Category, Shop Description, about and your shop Policies)
  • Then Click, Submit For Review button below the page.

It takes about 2 to 7 days for your shop to be reviewed. You will be notified via email whether your shop has been approved or rejected.

How to upload product

After your shop has been approved, the next step is to upload your product.

  • After your shop has been approved. Go to your account and Click MY SHOP tab
  • Then click Items
  • Then scroll down and Click ADD New ITEMS tabs
  • On your left, click the upload tab to add featured image item (mandatory)
  • Add product name or title
  • Add product Images (this is optional)
  • Select product category
  • Add three tags (keywords)
  • Add regular price only
  • Upload the file you are selling (pdf, word doc or zip only)
  • Then add your product description in the empty
  • Then submit for review

It will be approved and published within 2 to 7 days if it meets our standards.

NOTE: Don’t submit a single/same product twice (avoid duplicate submission)

Fees and Commissions

You will earn70% of the total sales you make or for each product sold on For example if you sell a house plan at Ksh. 10,000, you will be paid ksh. 7,000. No other fee is required. Learn more about commissions and fees.