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In this page you will learn how to create your account, how to apply to be a seller, how to create your shop, commission that you will earn and how download products that you have purchased on

(NOTE: You can watch the video guides below. They are easy to understand).

Who are we?

Muthurwa Marketplace is Kenya’s largest digital marketplace. Whether you are a student, graphic designer, content writer, programmer, career expert, blogger, photographer, or have some professional skills , muthurwa marketplace is your home.

Three key things about Us

Quality and originality is important to us

  • Only the best items make it through our review process.

Make it clear

  • Most successful sellers invest their time in explaining what their product is all about.


  • The key to your success is how you handle your customers.

Products You Can Sell at

We have provided a list of 50 products that you can sell  at in this page: Products to sell


You will earn 80% of the sales you make for each product sold on For example if you sell a house plan at Ksh. 10,000, you will be paid ksh. 8,000. No other fee is required. Learn more about commissions and fees.

How to Create an Account at Muthurwa Marketplace

To create your account at, follow the following steps;

How to apply to be a seller or Vendor

  • After registration
  • Login into your account
  • In My account section, Click MY SHOP tab
  • Fill the following details (Your shop NAME, Shop Category, Shop Description, about and your shop Policies)
  • Then Click, Submit For Review

We will take about 24 hours to review and approve your shop.

my account shop page

my account shop page/photo

How to upload your product

  • After your shop has been approved. Go to your account and Click MY SHOP tab
  • Then click Items
  • Then scroll down and Click ADD ITEMS tabs
  • On your left, click the upload tab to add featured image item
  • Add product name or title
  • Skip Images (this is optional)
  • Select product category
  • Add three tags (keywords)
  • Add regular price only
  • Upload the file you are selling (pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, png, or zip only)
  • Then add your product description in the empty
  • Then submit for review

It will be approved and published within 24 hours if it meets our standards.

NOTE: Don’t submit a single/same product twice (avoid duplicate submission)

how to upload items at muthurwa marketplace

how to upload items at muthurwa marketplace/Photo

Videos Guides

Below are video guides

How to Buy at Muthurwa Marketplace

This video takes you through the process of shopping at

How to create a shop at Muthurwa Marketplace

This video takes you through the process of opening your shop at Muthurwa Marketplace

How to to sell your products at Muthurwa Marketplace

After your shop has been approved, learn how to get started with uploading and selling your products.

How to download purchased product

To download a product you have purchased:

  • Sign in to your account (if you did not create an account, your  password and username will be automatically created and sent to your email after purchasing a product)
  • Go to My Account
  • Go to Downloads
  • Download your Product

How to Withdraw Earnings

To withdraw your earnings:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on  My Earnings tab
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • Select your withdraw method and fill the payment details
  • Click on Submit Payment Request.

More Information

  • To check your orders or sells click MY SHOP and then ORDERS

Rejection Reasons (Shop and Product

For more information kindly visit our contact center

Payment Methods Accepted muthurwa accepted payment methods