Vendor Commission on Muthurwa Marketplace - Muthurwa Marketplace

Muthurwa Marketplace is owned by Kyote Internet Group Limited. We are Kenya’s  largest  marketplace where you can buy and sell digital products. marketplace official logo marketplace official logo

Commission that we give to our Vendors/Sellers

  •  For any product that you sell on, we take 20% and and you are left with 80%. You will never get such kind of an offer  in any marketplace.
  • For instance if you sell an item for ksh. 1000 we take 200 and leave you with 800.  Payment is made through you chosen method of payment (Mpesa, bank or paypal).


 Benefits of selling your digital product at


Secure and stable platform


Muthurwa marketplace provides you a platform that is stable for your business. Our website is maintained by professional developers. Our website is also secured by high SSL.


Lots of Traffic

 You chances of getting a client for your digital product are high as we receive millions of organic visitors monthly.

To prevent piracy;

  1. Any pdf downloaded after payment is automatically secured by anticopy system
  2. The customers’ email is automatically embedded in every page of the pdf after purchase (this will help to know which customer is redistributing your ebook for commercial purposes)
  3. The ebook (pdf ) is automatically password protected after purchase (each customer will have to use his/her email as password to open the pdf after making a purchase)

Creating a vendor account is as easy as illustrated in this video