The Fugitive’s Love (A romantic story infused with intrigue, mystery…)


Five years ago, a faceless guardian angel rescued James Lavin from prison during a trial that would have ended with him hanging at the lower end of a hangman’s rope by his neck. After a chaotic five years, he decides to go back to his birth town, pulled to the ridges and the hills by the memories of an innocence he doesn’t feel anymore.


His travails lead him to Kathleen, his childhood sweetheart who also happens to be his first and only love. Old flames are re-ignited, and Lavin comes down to earth six blissful months later to find himself cornered. See, for a fugitive, a few moments of lascivious distraction can be the difference between freedom and jail time, or worse, death. When old foes ensnare him, Lavin discovers that going back home may not have been such a good idea. He appears to be destined back to jail or a painful death, but the faceless benefactor, like a competent guardian angel, swoops in and saves the day, and his hide, again.


The Fugitive’s Love is a romantic story infused with intrigue, mystery, and suspense.


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