Simple 2 Bedroom House Plan

Simple 2 Bedroom House Plan

This is a proposed 2-bedroom house plan.

The full, detailed 2-bedroom house plan comes with the following:

1) A floor plan of the house with dimensioning.

2) House elevations showing the views of the house from all four sides.

3) Door and window details of the house, showing the number of doors and windows needed and their dimensions.

4) House sections.

5) A house roofing plan.

6) House sewer plan.

7) General construction details for the house and a section for client details where they will fill in their names and the name of the place they intend to build the house.

The floor plan of the house has the following:

  • Two bedrooms
  • A kitchen
  • A dining room
  • A living room
  • 1 bathroom

The plan is well-designed and dimensioned.


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