2 Bedroom House Plan


This house plan is a small, family semi-detached house for a family of 3-4 people. The house is covered with a gable roof. Above the ground floor not usable attic was designed, which can be easily adapted to the attic with additional rooms. Boniface house plan, thanks to a simple block is easy and inexpensive to build. Nicely accented input platform, fragments of walls with wooden elevation and clinker tiles, an arcade and a garden terrace with a lovely corner window of the living room – all these elements make that we look to the house with pleasure.

In the interior three rooms – two bedrooms and a living room, connected to the lobby and a kitchen with dining area were designed. There are also additional rooms, the boiler room available from the porch and bathroom. The attic, for which we enter by stairs from the lobby can be adapted to the usable attic, or it can be at all close by eliminating a staircase.

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