Score A Bull’s Eye

Score A Bull's Eye

Score A Bull’s Eye” is a book that envisages Life as a journey” Through my experiences along this journey of life, I believe, life is merely not a single journey, it is indeed a combination of various small journeys that teaches one or the other thing to a person and leaves an everlasting impact on h/her life. Sometimes it feels like oscillations that take you high the mountain and bring you down to a valley. We find ourselves in moments when we are clueless and the future looks blink. The book offers a wealth of helpful information on what to expect along the journey and how to react. And if you are anxious to know what lies ahead on your path, SCORE A BULL’S EYE, is invaluable in preparing for any number of possibilities. This unique guide will enable you to better understand that there is a seed of purposeful life in every person. All you need is to mirror what God has placed in you.


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