Network Marketing – What It Is, What It Is Not and How It Works

Network Marketing - What It Is, What It Is Not and How It Works

The purpose of this Tool is to increase your awareness of what Network Marketing and Sales is and what it isn’t – and to give you an overview of how we implement Network Marketing to build a business with SWiSDERM as independent SWiSDERM Consultants.

The goal is to increase your understanding and prepare you for a success as a Network Marketing professional in SWiSDERM. It will also serve as a foundation for the basic skills I will teach and that I ask you to duplicate. You will find that it is not different to what I have always done and always been teaching, just put together in a way that hopefully will help you understand better how to do Network Marketing better and how to teach it better.

I see this knowledge as a “recipe for predictable success”. It is my belief that if you get good at this, teach it to your team – and teach them to teach it to their team; you will be on your way to a successful distributorship- as long as you do it constantly, continuously and with focus, dedication and discipline. Always with a sense of urgency, but at the same time being patient and persistent knowing that anything worthwhile takes time.

You should use this document for your own education as well as for those in your downline that are serious about learning this profession and build a business with SWiSDERM. This is not a document you hand out to any prospect or just spread “wildly” to your whole downline and anyone you meet.
It is important to understand that I did not invent this information. I have no intention of “re-inventing the wheel” when someone has already done a brilliant job of documenting something. It does describe however, how I understand Network Marketing and sales – and how I have worked to build a SWiSDERM business.



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