How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan (eBook)


In any business,a marketing plan is essential as a means to achieve your marketing goals.No matter how good your products or services are,nothing great can be achieved in terms of sales without a proper marketing plan.That is why even the largest companies invest millions of money every month in marketing.Think of Coca-cola, Safaricom and the like.Every time,they work on a marketing plan.

Start-ups,small and medium size businesses need to invest even more in marketing to help them generate more profits and grow.To create a successful marketing plan,you need skills,and that is why this eBook is such a wise investment.Packed with rich and detailed content,this eBook is professionally written in an easy to read and understand format to guide you through creating a successful marketing plan which guarantees you growth in your business.

How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan (eBook)

How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan (eBook)/Cover Photo

Don’t rely on ‘hear-says’ or ‘crude advise’ in your business.Always seek knowledge from professionals.This eBook is a tutorial from professionals whose price is much less than what you would pay for direct business consultation service while it perfectly serves the same purpose. Another advantage is that you can keep referring to its information when faced by challenges in your marketing as it has all the solutions related to marketing issues.


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