Exquisite Residential Villa Apartment House Plan in Kenya

Villa apartment House plan in kenya

An Exquisite Residential Villa House Plan Suitable For 60ft X 80 Ft Piece Of Land

1) This drawing is copyright
2) Do not scale off this drawing
3) All dimensions are in m unless stated otherwise
4) All levels and dimensions to be checked on site before any building work commences.
5) All the work to be strictly in accordance to the standard specifications and notes.
6) This drawing is to be read in conjunction with specifications and the relevant structural drawings
7) Foundation depth to be determined on site
8) Walls below 0.2m thick to be reinforced with hoop iron at every alternate course.
9) Permanent air ventilations to be provided on top of all windows and doors.
10) A single layer of 3-ply bituminuous felt to be provided between masonry work and RC work.
11) All sanitary works to structural engineer’s drawings and to the entire satisfaction of M.O.H, M.O.P.W. and the county government.

The bill of quantities will be provided upon the client’s request, at an additional fee of 2000 kshs


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