Electrical Engineering Mathematics Diploma Module One

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Electrical Engineering Mathematics Diploma Module One

This is diploma in electrical engineering mathematics module one. It contains good topics like law of logarithms, binomial theorem, simultaneous equations, trigonometry based on products, sum and different of cosine and sines plus tangents, complex numbers based on additional and subtraction of complex numbers and multiplication and division of complex numbers, differentiation like getting stationary points plus partial differences and others, hyperbolic functions and osborne’s rules. Each topic has its revision part provided with answers. The notes are fully framed and nice photos taken and clear images are shown. All topics set in Kenya national examination council are present so is the work of the student to embark on them for better result like distinction. My response towards these notes is positive because no customer will complain after purchasing them, everything is okay. Am still looking forward to upload other units because am working to meet demand to all Kenyan students and other countries who need to succeed in electrical engineering because is my passion.

Note: They are handwritten.



  • Cavin

    The notes are good and admirable since they look neat and easy to understand by every one be it that you are not best at mathematics but upon passing through them interesting.