My Dream Hairstyle: Inside Kenya’s Best Hairstylists, Salons and Hair Care

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My dream hairstyle is a 41 page ebook  meant for Kenyan ladies. This book is for women. It is for women who love their hair as much as they love adventure. It is for women who wish they could get hair products that work for them and salonists who are equally as good. It is for women who are frustrated by YouTube videos that never quite turn out as well on their hair. It is for healthy hair – Kenyan hair.

Inside the ebook, you will get to learn  about;


  • Hair Care
  • Hair Products in Kenya
  • Best Salons and Hair Stylists in Kenya
  • Types of Hairstyles


Your hair is the reason for this book

Here, we will jump head-on into the topic of hair, explore its nuances, burst the myths and misconceptions associated with it and suggest the best hair practices for each hair type. What’s more, we will look at the best salon and hair stylists in Kenya and recommend hair products for your hair type. We will give you hairstyle ideas that will embody your tastes and your personality. Hopefully, you will know how to take care of your hair in a way that not only frees you from its hold on your self-esteem but also empowers you with information to sustain you over many trips to the salon or the barber – if you are that type of girl. We don’t discriminate.
I hope you enjoy reading it. More importantly, I hope it proves practical and useful to making
you spend just a little less time and money wondering about what to do next with your hair

Author: Myra


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    Jane Wambui

    Nice ebook, It helped me get a good stylist

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