4 Bedroom House Plan


This four-bedroom house plan is a response to the desire of many investors to live in the extensive ground-floor villa close to the surrounding garden. Living in a one-story house gives a great sense of comfort – there is no eternal running up the stairs.

The house is designed for a family of 4 to 6 people. The interior of the Park Residence 2 is divided into three parts: a living – a large open space part of the night – with the bedrooms bathrooms and dressing rooms and part of utility space – with utility rooms and a convenient garage.

A representative living room is connected with the dining room, hall, and kitchen and creates a very attractive interior. From the living room, we go out to the garden, through an extensive arcade with a fireplace, or directly by patio doors in the back terrace.

Comfortable entrance part – with a large hall and elegant staircase invites persons who enter. In the night part, there are bedrooms. The parents’ bedroom is a separate apartment with its own bathroom and a large walk-in closet.

The advantage of house Park Residence 2 is certainly quite big utility and technical space, with a double garage and utility rooms. Above the ground floor, there is plenty of space, which can be adapted into the loft

* We do not charge any other extra fee before or after payment


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