3 Bedroom Attic House Plan


An adventure house plan is a charming house for a family of four-five-people, it is a one-story house with an attic having a compact rectangular block covered with a gable roof. The simple elegance of the house and its functionality go together with energy efficiency and modernity. The shape of the house, its proportions immediately recall the image of a “little white house” such a house with a chimney from children’s imagination.

Building a house is a great adventure. A proportional symmetrical body fits into any environment. Modern building materials and colors add elegance to the house. The Interior of the house plan accommodates five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate boiler room.

On the ground floor, we have a living space connected to the living room, hall and kitchen, and an extra room. In the attic, there are three bedrooms with a private bathroom. The interior is easy to arrange and functional. Construction is very simple and clear and will be easy and inexpensive in the building.

* We do not charge any other extra fee before or after payment


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