We have reverted to the old commission structure

On 13th January 2021, we announced that we had introduced a new commission structure where sellers were required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for their products to be displayed on Muthurwa.com. We also increased the seller commission fee to 98%. 

Since then, we have received a lot of complaints from about 90% of the sellers indicating that subscribing for products to be displayed on Muthurwa.com is unfair since some products take time before they begin generating any sales.  

We have listened to the majority and have decided to revert to the old 70% commission structure.  

What this means is that effective 10th February 2021 (10:00 AM), you will earn 70% of the sale you make on each product sold on Muthurwa.com and you will not be required to pay any subscription fee. The way it used to be before we introduced subscription fees.

Those who had subscribed for yearly membership (only) and have not made any sales since 13th January 2021 will be refunded their subscription fee. However, if you subscribed and have made a sale between 13th January 2021 and 10th February 2021 you will not be refunded.