Why Are You a Christian?

Why Are You a Christian?

“Why Are You a Christian?”, is an apologetics;–a defense of Christianity— authored by yours truly. It addresses some troubling questions like:

Does the lack of physical evidence for God mean that He doesn’t exist?

Do we have Psalm 23 as was written by King David? Was there even a man called David?

If a loving God is in charge of the universe, why can’t he prevent evil in the world?

Should we believe Jesus? Was there even a man called Jesus? Was a man called Jesus really crucified on a Roman cross?

Granted, He may have died, but did He really resurrect?

What about other faiths like Islam and Hinduism? Are they not legit?

I have managed the incredible feat of condensing all these in only 30 pages!

The information is simple, free-flowing and easily readable(I initially wrote this for my 11 year-old son)

So while it’s original purpose was to make children and teens grounded in the faith, even those on the 7th floor will enjoy some enlightening view-points and perspectives.

And the price?

A loaf of bread!


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