Travel Guide from Nairobi to Victoria Falls by Road and Train (ebook)

Travel Guide from Nairobi to Victoria Falls by Road and Rail

This Road and Rail Travel Guide is what you need to help you plan an unforgettable trip from Nairobi all the way to the famous Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe using Buses and Trains. It has everything you need to know!

Why should you buy this travel Guide eBook?

In this guide you’ll find first-hand tips on transport, travel requirements, things to see and do, where to stay, budget tips, and general city information among other useful travel hacks.

What is included in this Travel Guide?

1. Introduction
2. Travel Dates
3. Travel Requirements and Tips
4. Sample Trip Budget (Essentials only)
5. Transport: Nairobi to Dar es Salaam by Bus
6. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
– Things to See and Do in Dar es Salaam
– Where to Stay in Dar es Salaam
– Moving Around Dar es Salaam
– Dar es Salaam General Travel Information
– Dar es Salaam City Maps
7. Transport: Dar es Salaam to New Kapiri Mposhi
– Train 1: Kilimanjaro Ordinary Train
– Train 2: Mukuba Express Train
8. Transport: New Kapiri Mposhi to Lusaka
9. Lusaka, Zambia
– Things to See and Do in Lusaka
– Accommodation in Lusaka
– Moving Around Lusaka
– Lusaka General Travel Information
– Lusaka City Maps
10. Transport: Lusaka to Livingstone Town
11. Transport: Livingstone to Victoria Falls Town
12. Livingstone Town, Zambia
– Things to See and Do in Livingstone Town
– Where to Stay in Livingstone Town
– Livingstone Maps
– Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe
13. Return Trip: Victoria Falls Town to Nairobi
– Victoria Falls Town to Livingstone
– Livingstone Town to Lusaka
– Accommodation in Lusaka
– Lusaka to Dar es Salaam by Bus
– Kapiri Mposhi to Dar es Salaam by Train
– Dar es Salaam to Nairobi by Bus
14. Conclusion

Nairobi to Victoria Falls Ebook Details

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  • Size: 3.5 Mb
  • Number of pages: 50
  • Format: Pdf

After purchase, all you have to do is read the Travel Guide once, pack your best travel gear and Go!


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