The Scavenger of the Family: A Novel (ebook)

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The Scavenger of the Family: A Novel (ebook)

This is the requisite novel with explicit today’s life lessons.  Harold is the main character in the novel.

He is previously a bank manager in Nguvu City. Due to his naughty behaviours, he losses his job and arrested. His family members, wife and his two children encounters life hardships.

After his release he realizes the enemy of his family and kicks of the journey in fight of it.

This novel ends surprisingly!


  • emanuelkiu

    What a read from an armature author! Scavenger of the family strikingly illustrates the financial maturity and familial responsibility from a common perspective. I bet you’ll highly
    It’s a read worth repeating it upteenth times.
    Good work sir, I’m up for the next read!

  • Alb321

    Thank you Emauelkiu for the awesome review.