Sample Cover letters, applications letters and guides on how to write them

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If you make a purchase, you will get four samples of different kind of cover letters as listed below and guides on how to write them.


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter demonstrates to the employer why you are suitable for the role — it shows that you can and will do the job, and why you’ll be a good fit for the team. It gives the employer a chance to get to know you before scheduling an interview. It is normally accompanied with a cv.


Which kind of cover letter do I get with this purchase?


When you make a purchase you will receive;


  1. An attachment application cover litter sample
  2. cover letter for fresh graduates without working experience sample
  3. cover letter for graduates with experience sample
  4. cover letter for students applying for a job sample


The cove letters are accompanied with a simple guide on how to write them.

After purchasing the cover letters, you should receives them via your email. Download the zip file. Open it an extract them.

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