PHP Online Exam App

PHP Online Exam App



Download the exam_app zip file. Extract it and open the exam_app folder. Locate the file named Tutorial.pdf and open it. This files has steps that take you through the creation of the database and tables for the app.

Technologies employed – PHP, MySQLi, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

NB: Requirements:

·         Ensure you have exampp installed in your computer.

·         Apache server

·         Database – MySQLi

·         PHP version 7.0 or above


User Registration and Login System with roles and permissions.

User Dashboard – includes

·         Tab for selecting exam to undertake.

·         Tab for displaying user’s previous exams results.

Admin Registration and Login System.

Admin Dashboard – features

·         Add/Edit new exam category (i.e. subject such as English, Science, etc)

·         Add/Edit exam questions

·         Timer

·         Previous Exam Results for all users in the database (for admin and for the users)



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