International Economics One (EAE 307) Class Notes

International Economics One (EAE 307) Class Notes

Download Detailed notes good for students who are studying international economics one  (EAE 307).

Summary of the notes on International Economics (I)

  1. Lecture One: Introduction To International Economics
  2. Lecture Two: First International Trade Theory
  3. Lecture Three: Challenges To Mercantilist Doctrine
  4. Lecture Four: The Ricardian Model
  5. Lecture Five: International Equilibrium With Free Trade
  6. Lecture Six: The Neo-Classical Model
  7. Lecture Seven:  Curves
  8. Lecture Eight: The Heckscher-Ohlin (H-O) Model
  9. Lecture Nine: Empirical Testing Of Trade Theories
  10. Lecture Ten: Alternative Theories Of Trade
  11. Lecture Eleven: Protectionism
  12. Lecture Twelve: Measurement Of Tariff Effects
  13. Lecture Thirteen: Non-Tariff Barriers And New Protection
  14. Lecture Fourteen: Import Substitution: The Infant Industry

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