202 Business ideas in Kenya: How to start them and Budget

2019 Best Business ideas in Kenya for small and big and how to start them

This ebook provides 202 business ideas in Kenya for small and big business and summary information on how to start them including budget.

List of Business Ideas in Kenya

Some of the 202 business ideas in Kenya include but are not limited to;

  • Mangoes Business in Kenya (making powder mangoes)
  • Cricket Farming business
  • Farming Stevia
  • LPG Cooking Gas Retail Business
  • Capsicum Farming
  • Limousine Hire Business
  • Managu Business
  • Investing In Insurance Companies in Kenya
  • Investing In UBER
  • Kenyan SACCOs
  • Building Rentals

Business Ideas File Details

  • Format: pdf
  • Number of Pages: 388
  • Size: 9.2 mb


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