Muthurwa Market Main Bus Terminus Routes, Location and Direction, Nairobi Kenya

In our earlier article we wrote about what one can shop in muthurwa market. In this article, we look into the location of muthurwa market and the direction of getting into muthurwa market main bus terminus in Nairobi City, Kenya.

get Muthurwa Market Main Bus Terminus Routes, Location and Direction, Nairobi city Kenya

Map showing direction of how to get to Muthurwa Market Main Bus Terminus. In the article you will also get Route located in muthurwa market in Nairobi City, Kenya/Photo Source

Muthurwa Market Location


Muthurwa Market is located in the central business district area in Nairobi. It hosts several activities including a business terminus. Almost all matatus heading to the eastlands area of Nairobi do stop at this terminus.

Muthurwa is located close to Railways stage or which is close to co-operative house. Use Haile selassie Avenue  to get to the market. Below is map of the same.


Matatus operating in Muthurwa Main Bus Terminus Route

Areas where the matatus drop

  1. Avenue Park,
  2. Buruburu Phase 5 till Phase 1
  3. Dandora Phase4
  4. Donholm,
  5. Fedha,
  6. Greenfield
  7. Harambee,
  8. Industrial Area City Stadium,
  9. Jacaranda,
  10. Jericho,
  11. Kariobangi South,
  12. Kasarani
  13. Kayole,
  14. Komarock
  15. KQ Base,
  16. Makadara,
  17. Mumias South
  18. Mutarakwa Road,
  19. Mutindwa,
  20. Mwiki,
  21. Njiru,
  22. North Airport Rd,
  23. Outer Ring Estate,
  24. Pioneer Estate,
  25. Pipeline,
  26. Quarry,
  27. Rabai Road,
  28. Ruai
  29. Savannah,
  30. Tassia,
  31. Tena,
  32. Tumaini,
  33. Umoja is a marketplace for muthurwa shoppers who are interested in selling digital products