Muthurwa Marketplace: Kenya’s Best Digital Shopping Site

Muthurwa Marketplace is the largest digital market place Kenya. The name muthurwa is adopted from the famous muthurwa open market located the Central Business Distric (CBD) in Nairobi.

Muthurwa Marketplace provides a platform for Kenyans to sell their digital products and get paid without much stuggle.

All one has to do is create an account at, upload your product and wait for sells.

Products that you can sell on muthurwa marketplace

  1. WordPress Themes
  2. Joomla Themes
  3. Drupla Themes
  4. Template
  5. Mobile apps
  6. Softwares
  7. ebooks
  8. exam papers
  9. music/videos
  10. magazines
  11. Business manuals
  12. book reviews
  13. press statements
  14. Letter
  15. Writing Guides
  16. Government documes
  17. Exclusive photos
  18. Business opening
  19. procedures on how to do…
  20. House plans in Kenya


What no not to sale on Muthurwa Marketplace

All products that need delivery cannot be sold on This  market is exclusively for digital products. This include products like but not limited to;

  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Foods

For a comprehensive list of products that you cannot sale muthurwa visit this page

Muthurwa marketplace is part of Yote Internet company which also