Rejected Product Reasons -

We value the time that our sellers take to create their products and upload on for sell. Your products will be published within 48 hours if they meet all the set requirements of product submission. However, to protect our customers and ensure that remains to be a top destination for Quality Digital products, we will reject any product that fails to meet any of the requirements indicated below.

Major Reasons for Product Rejection

  • Product Titles

Does your title clearly describe to customers what the item is and if it is compatible with their desires? Does it indicate the primary benefit? And most significantly, does it do all of this in brief so it isn’t too long to read?

Your product Title should be about 8 words long and describe what you are selling. Good products titles rank well on Google search thus increasing your earnings.

REJECTION NOTE: Products with misleading titles will be rejected. Product titles should reflect what is in the product file being sold.

NOTE 2: Titles should not be in UPPERCASE. They should be in sentence case.

  • Product Price

Ensure that you have included your product price before submitting for publishing. Some sellers are submitting products with Zero (0) as selling price.  That is not allowed.

  • Featured Image

Be sure to upload a featured image related to the product you are selling. Go through the available products at and see how the products appear. Your main photo should clearly show what the product is.

NOTE: Products uploaded without related featured image will be rejected.
Check this video on how to upload your product images on

  • Product Description (VERY IMPORTANT!)

We will not publish your products if it does not have a description with a minimum of 50 words (this is the main reason why we reject products). Description help buyers understand what you are selling. No customer will buy a product he/she does not know what it is all about.

Remember that customers are skimming, so, 3 short paragraphs will be great for them. Use your product voice here and reiterate key selling points while mentioning any supporting facts that can help customers understand why they need to buy your products.

REJECTION NOTE: Products with less than 50 words product description or misleading description will be rejected.

Check this video on how to write product descriptions.

  • Quality Products

When online shoppers purchase products on, they expect their purchase to be of high-quality. Well, they hope it is anyway. Since you sell on, it is your job as a seller to make sure your customers can buy a good quality product from you.

Do not sell low quality products. Selling low quality products will cause that customer to write a bad review and share their bad customer experience or request for a refund.

For example: We are not going to approve people selling eBooks that are less than 20 pages.

  • Reselling

You are required to sell your own ebooks. Those that you are the Author or co-author. No reselling of bulk ebooks purchased online unless the author has given you rights to sell.

REJECTION NOTE: We will reject any product being resold.

  • Password Protected pdf

If you submit a product that is password protected then will not approve it. We have no time handling hundreds of calls from customers requesting passwords for password protected documents

  • Allowed Languages

You can only sell products that are written in either English or Swahili Language. More languages will be added soon.

What to Do After Product Rejection

Make sure that your product meets the requirements listed above and submit it again. We are always available for any product rejection inquiry via email.