Psychomotor PP2 CBC schemes of work, Term Three (KICD Curriculum)

Download pdf of PP2 Psychomotor CBC schemes, Term 3 (Third Term) recommended for the new curriculum by KICD and start preparing your lesson plans. This pdf is not free. You will be able to access it after paying using the procedure provided below.


Terms of Psychomotor Third Term CBC schemes of work

  • PP1: Pre-primary one
  • KICD: Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development
  • CBC: Competence Based Curriculum
  • Term 3: Last division of the academic year in Primary school

Pdf details of PP2 Psychomotor Term 3 CBC schemes

The pp2 Psychomotor term 3 cbc scheme comes in pdf format. After downloading kindly print for your use. You can edit it to suit your needs.

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