International Economics two class notes (EAE 308)

Students class notes for International Economics two class noes (EAE 308).

Summary of the International Economics II notes

  • Background to the course
  • Lesson one: Evolution of Money
  • Lesson Two: Markets for Currencies
  • Lesson Three: The Foreign Exchange Market
  • Lesson Four:The Link between Foreign Exchange Markets and Financial Markets
  • Lesson Five:The Demand for and Supply of Foreign Exchange
  • Lesson Six: Components of the Balance of Payments
  • Lesson Seven: National Income Equilibrium in an Open Economy
  • Lesson Eight: The Money Market and National Income Analysis
  • Lesson Nine: The Balance of Payments Policy Instruments
  • Lesson Ten: The International Monetary System
  • Lesson Eleven: The Bretton Woods Institutions
  • Lesson Twelve” Regional Economic Integration

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