International Economics two class notes (EAE 308)

pdf of International Economics two class notes, EAE 308

Students class notes for International Economics two class noes (EAE 308).

Summary of the International Economics II notes

  • Background to the course
  • Lesson one: Evolution of Money
  • Lesson Two: Markets for Currencies
  • Lesson Three: The Foreign Exchange Market
  • Lesson Four:The Link between Foreign Exchange Markets and Financial Markets
  • Lesson Five:The Demand for and Supply of Foreign Exchange
  • Lesson Six: Components of the Balance of Payments
  • Lesson Seven: National Income Equilibrium in an Open Economy
  • Lesson Eight: The Money Market and National Income Analysis
  • Lesson Nine: The Balance of Payments Policy Instruments
  • Lesson Ten: The International Monetary System
  • Lesson Eleven: The Bretton Woods Institutions
  • Lesson Twelve” Regional Economic Integration

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