3 Bedroom House Plan

3 Bedroom House Plan

A residential building designed for a family of 2-5 people. This is a one-story house with an area of ​​slightly less than 100 sq m. usable. A compact body and reasonable size of glazing guarantee low heating costs. A small bathroom has been placed at the entrance to make it easier for guests to use.

The boiler room has an additional entrance from the outside so that you can easily bring solid fuel, e.g. coal. The bedrooms are large and easy to arrange. The advantage of this project is also a modern look, which is obtained by using facade materials in the form of wood.

A gable roof is cheap and easy to build, which is why we recommend the project for people who plan to build with an economic system. The project is chosen by developers for suburban housing estates due to the proven and cheap building materials used in the project.


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