3 Bedroom House Plan


This 3 bedroom house has a spacious living room designed in the building, combined with an open kitchen, near which there is a practical pantry. We can get to the garden through the covered terrace and the door by the dining room.

Available to residents, there are also four adjustable rooms, a large bathroom with space for a bathtub and shower, and an additional toilet. The master bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom. From the vestibule, we get straight to a two-garage garage, behind which there is a boiler room with an exit to the outside.

The house has wooden stairs leading to the attic, it has been designed in the corridor, and thanks to the greater slope of the roof in the attic, more than 80 m2 of additional usable space has been created. This space, at the stage of adaptation, can be turned into a studio, studio, hobby room, or additional living quarters. What attracts the most attention is the modern form of the building, corner window, and fashionable wooden cladding.

* We do not charge any other extra fee before or after payment


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