2019 Census Job Application Cover Letter for Enumerators (sample)

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Sample 2019 Census Enumerator cover letter also for supervisors

What you will find is a very simple 2019 Census Job Application sample Cover Letter for Enumerators that will assist you to get the job. The parts marked in yellow should be changed to reflect you. This cover letter can also be used by ICT and content supervisors applicants.


For instance, your name, county, sub county, location, sub location, division, village, P.O box number, your high school, grade you attained, your experience, phone number, ID and signature should be changed to reflect you.

Other content will remain as it is. The cover letter is only two pages.

How Download and Use it to apply

  • Click Buy and Pay ksh. 50
  • After Paying Make sure you have clicked RED PLACE ORDER at bottom of the payment page for your payment to be confirmed.
  • Download it.
  • Edit the parts marked yellow to reflect you (Be sure to replace Kakamega with the county your respective county)
  • Print
  • Sign and submit as show in this page: How to apply for census job

DISCLAIMER: This is just a sample application letter to help you generate a cover letter for application. Whether you will get the job or not depends on what Kenya National Bureau of statistics (KNBS) hiring staff will consider when selecting applicants.

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