How to Make Money online with WordPress in Kenya

In this article, we are going to discuss briefly on 3 ways of how to make money online in Kenya using WordPress CMS. WordPress is the largest blogging platform. Be sure to learn the difference between and Never confuse the two. Our focus here will be on

Designing WordPress Websites for Kenyans

I strongly believe that this is a business that anyone can get into, literally anyone, well maybe not everyone, but pretty much. What it involves is learning how to set up a WordPress website and then doing that for other people and charging for that service.

Most people or bloggers these days build their website using Word press. This is because it easy to learn, Use and is SEO friendly.

You will not have to waste a lot of time training your clients coding skills. It is just copy, paste and publish.

Selling WordPress Themes at Muthurwa Marketplace

You can make money online in Kenya using WordPress by selling WordPress themes or templates. This will need you to have some coding skills because you have to design a theme from scratch. After creating your theme, you can sell it online at by simply creating your WP theme shop account.

When selling WordPress themes first and foremost it needs to be of high quality. That is it should be SEO ready, Mobile Friendly, Light e.t.c.

Google Adsense for WordPress Blogs in Kenya

You can make money online in Kenya by creating a blog and then applying for Google adsense. In brief, this is all about Google placing ads in your blog and paying you on a monthly basis depending your total page views. This book (Beginners Guide on how to start a blog and make money in Kenya) provides a detailed description on how to get started with Google adsense after setting up your blog and how to improve your chances of being approved. However, if you have no money to buy the detailed ebook then consider checking  this kenyayote article on Google Adsense Approval.