How to increase Online Product sales in Kenya

Below is a simple and quick guide on how to increase your online products sales on

Make your Products Shop Appealing

Your shop is your home base, where you showcase your items, connect with your potential buyers and ultimately sell your digital products.

Ensure that your shop has a unique name, identity and logo. Also update your shop description and policy.

Use Social Media for Product Marketing

Promote your products on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest e.t.c.

Take advantage of Facebook to get people talking about your products. . You can open a Facebook page with your shop name and link to it. That way you will be sharing your published products in your shop’s Facebook page. That will increase your earnings.

Blog about Products

If you are not blogging about your products, then you are missing it out. You can create a blog for free with WordPress and write engaging post reviews about your product and then link to it. This is the surest way of increasing your product sales

Get Product Reviews

When you refer somebody to purchase your product, ask him/her to leave a honest review. This will increase your shop and product rankings.

Provide Product Featured Image

Be sure to upload a featured image related to the product you are selling. Go through the available products at and see how the products appear. Your main photo should clearly depict product.

Have Rich Description

Product descriptions help buyers understand what you are selling. No customer will buy a product he/she does not know what it is all about.

Remember that customers are skimming, so, 3 short paragraphs will be great for them. Use your product voice here and reiterate key selling points while mentioning any supporting facts that can help customers understand why they need to buy your products.

Sell Quality Products

When online shoppers purchase products on, they expect their purchase to be a high-quality product. Well, they hope it is anyway. Since you sell on, it is your job as a seller to make sure your customers can buy a good quality product from you.

Do not sell low quality products. Selling poor quality products will cause that customer to write a bad review and share their bad customer experience or request for a refund.

Provide Unique Product Titles

Does your title clearly describe to customers what the item is and if it is compatible with their desires? Does it indicate the primary benefit? And most significantly, does it do all of this in brief so it isn’t too long to read?

Your product Title should be about 8 words long and describe what you are selling. Good products titles rank well on Google search thus increasing your earnings.

NOTE: Titles should not be in UPPERCASE. They should be in sentence case.