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House Plans in Kenya (FAQ): Definitions of Terms -

This page seeks to address questions about 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom, Mansion and bungalow House plans in Kenya.

House Plans in Kenya (FAQ)

Below are Frequently asked questions and asnwers and various types of house plans in Kenya and what each means;

What is a House Plan in Kenya?

A house plan is a drawing of house that helps understand how your house will look like after construction. It has measurements, construction notes and requirements

What are 3 bedroom House plans in Kenya?

As the name suggests, 3 bedroom house plans are those house designs with three bedrooms. The same applies to 2, 4, 5, 6 e.t.c

What is a bungalow House in Kenya?

In Kenya, a bungalow is a house that tends to occupy a large area of land, has atleast 4 bedrooms and does not have any floors. 4 bedroom house without any floor can be termed as a bungalow.

What is a Mansion House in Kenya?

In Kenya, a mansion is a house that advances upwards and has at least 3 rooms. By advancing upwards it means it has to be a single-storey.

 What are Modern Houses in Kenya?

These are houses that are constructed utilizing modern architecture. For instance have Master En-suite, automatic doors, beautiful ceilings, luxury interiors, Beautiful tiles e.t.c

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