Getting to Muthurwa Market: Directions and Clothes shopping Guide

Muthurwa Market is located in Haile Selasie Avenue in the Central Business District area (CBD) in Nairobi. It is one of the largest open shopping markets in Kenya where you can buy  or sell second hand or new clothes. Apart from clothing, you can buy literally any product from fresh foods, electronics  to furniture.


Security risks at muthurwa market

Muthurwa Market is not the best place to be at night. It is an epitome of chaos with rude and arrogant hawkers and street children.

Burst sewers, muddy roads, congestion, pickpockets and lack of water are synonymous with this market.


Despite all the negatives listed above about the market, it is one of those places in Nairobi where you can shop for clothes at extremely cheap price. It is safe at during the day. I have been there a number of times


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