Seller Application Common Rejection Reasons for Muthurwa Marketplace

We’d like to keep Muthurwa Marketplace a place where sellers can trust us and you. To enable us do this we need our sellers/vendors to provide sufficient application information that will enable us to evaluate them.


There is no chemistry in getting approved to start selling on If your application has been denied, it is because of any of the following reasons;

  • You did not provide contact details: Contact details are important for us to reach you incase of any problem
  • You did not provide a description of what you want to sell: Providing a short description of what you want to sell during your application will enable us to know whether you are fit to be part of our community.
  • You registered with fake details: We can easily detect when you are using fake phone number or email when applying. That will result to automatic rejection.
  •  You want Sell products that need shipping/delivery: Here at muthurwa marketplace we do not accept selling of products that need shipping. You can sell such items on or We only allow selling of downloadable products (digital products)

What Next after Account Rejection?

Be sure to update your application details and Re-apply.

If you are not sure of where you went wrong, kindly reach our support team on for help.