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Your shop is your home base, where you showcase your items, connect with your potential buyers and ultimately sell your digital products.

Ensure that your shop has a unique name, identity and logo. You can open a Facebook page with your shop name and link to it. That way you will be sharing your published products in your shop’s Facebook page. That will increase your earnings.

Here is an example of an amazing shop: Dashco Designs

Below are common reasons why we reject some shops.

Common Shop Rejection Reasons

  1. NO Shop Description: You have not provided a description of what you intend to sell. A description enables us to know whether what you will be selling is accepted in our website.
  2. eBooks reselling: We will not approve shops that resell novels or books written by other authors. You can only sell a novel or book that you are the author or have been given permission by the author to sell.
  3. We don’t allow what you want to sell: We have provided a list of 50+ products you can sell on You can contacts us if you have an item you want to sell that is not listed among the  50+. We strictly don’t allow selling of products that need delivery. That is, physical items.

NOTE: You can submit a new shop if you have been rejected.

Reach us on if you have any further inquires

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