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Music Seller Agreement -

Kyote Internet Group Limited

Music Publishing Rights Agreement

This is a legal binding agreement between the Seller/Artist and which is a brand of Kyote Internet Group Limited.

When you sell any music file on, you grant the buyers a license that allows them to use your music in their video or project subject to the type of License purchased. Read: Rights and Licenses and Music Licenses before you agree to these terms.

Seller/Artist License Agreement

This agreement is a binding agreement between Kyote Internet Group Limited and, together with its brand and you or, if applicable, the individual or any other legal entity you represent (Publisher or you). You accept this agreement by continuing to sell your Music Files at

This Seller or Artist License Agreement (“Agreement”) should be read together with our terms and conditions.


NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound by the terms and conditions contained herein, hereby agree as follows:

  1. You agree that all information you provide in connection with the execution and operation of this agreement and other applicable agreements and terms on will be accurate.
  2. The music you sell on should be yours. You should own full rights of the music before uploading or selling on
  3. Reselling of Music is not allowed at all and you shall be fully held liable  if  found selling copyrighted work.
  4. When you sell music on, you grant the Buyers or Customers  Commercial Rights License and Regular rights License as defined in the Customer License Agreement Terms.
  5. Commissions:  In full consideration of all Commission due to Artist or Sellers, Kyote Internet Group Limited acting on behalf of shall pay the seller or Artist (commission indicated here) of all Net Revenues actually received by from a Sale, in whole or in part.
  6. Payment of Commissions Terms:  Kyote Internet Group Limited  shall provide payment earned (commission) in KES Kenya Shillings  to the seller or Artist in not late than 7 days after withdrawal request.
  7. Payment Method: Unless other payment arrangements are made between the seller and Kyote Interner Group Limited, payment method shall be through Mpesa or Paypal.
  8. Wrong Payment method: You will be bare the loss, if you provide a wrong payment number or email and we happen to send your pay (commission) to it.
  9. Approval of submitted Music: editors shall, at their sole discretion, decide whether the Music File, in whole or in part, is acceptable for sell at
  10. Out of Site ( Agreement: If the buyer contacts you and you sign an agreement with him without our knowledge, the above agreement will not apply and we will not be liable to any damage caused
  11. This Agreement is governed by the relevant Music laws of Kenya

NOTE 1: This Agreement may be terminated if either Party breaches any of the provisions of this Agreement.

NOTE 2: We May Have the Need to update the terms of agreement  from time to time as our services evolve. However, the terms will apply after 7 days of update. If you don’t terminate the agreement in 10 business days after update, then we will consider that you are in agreement with latest (updated) terms.

Last Updated: January 11th 2021.

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