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Downloads -

Below you can find free pdf downloads. They include official government documents, guides, manuals e.t.c Go through the list and locate what you want then click the link to download.

  1. KASNEB CPA New Syllabus: Download pdf
  2. Final Version of BBI forwarded by IEBC to county assemblies for approval (Latest): Download pdf
  3. 2nd BBI Report Document (Released on 21st October 2020) : Download pdf
  4. 1st BBI Report Document (released on 27th November 2019): Download pdf
  5. NEMIS  pdf manual: Download pdf here
  6. 2018 NYS Pdf: NYS Recruitment exercise programme/schedule/location/dates (download here)
  7. KDF shortlisted tradesmen/women 2018 ( Download PDF)
  8. The Copyright Act No. 12 of 2001 (Amendment Bill, 2018) (Download PDF HERE)
  9. 2018 TSC Career Progression Guidelines for Teachers in Kenya (Download PDF HERE)
  10. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
  11. Sample GDPR Privacy Policy Page:DOWNLOAD DOC HERE
  12. President Uhuru Kenyatta state parastatals appointments (6th June 2018 Gazette notice): DOWNLOAD PDF 
  13. Kenya 2018/2019 Budget statement: DOWNLOAD PDF
  14. KASNEB Fee structure effective 1st September 2018: DOWNLOAD KASNEB FEE STRUCTURE PDF
  15. 2019 KICD CBC approved textbooks for PP1, PP2, Grade 1, 2, and 3: Download pdf 
  16. Board of Directors Resolution letter to Close Bank Account: Download Sample Letter
  17. Ministry of Health Facility Closure Notice: Download List of Hospitals and Clinics Closed.pdf

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