Sample Final Year Research Project (Information Technology)

sample final year research project in information technology

This is a sample research project document executed for a final year student. The system is a simple tea farmers information system that keeps track of earnings and can generate reports of payments.

The system has 3 levels of access:

  1. Manager
  2. Supervisor
  3. Clerk.


This project could be easily customised if required by simply renaming the components; for example, Coffee Farmers, Flower Farmers and so on. The price does not include the source.

Abstract of the project

The objectives of this project are to develop and implement a computerized system that would assist Kihuha tea factory manage their tea production records, manage farmers’ earnings electronically and effectively save time and reduce paper work in maintaining tea production records for farmers. Reviews of similar literature done previously was done to try and bridge the technological gap. A prototyping development approach was developed and used in this project where requirements analysis, design, prototype modification, assessment and finally system implementation are achieved. Interviews and documents reviews are tools that were employed in data collection. RAD system development approach was used to develop and implement the system. Context diagrams, Use case diagrams, flowcharts, Entity-relationship and Data Flow Diagrams will be used as data analysis tools. Apache web server, MySQL, PHP and PhpMyAdmin will be used in developing the system. The system will be implemented using parallel changeover where the old and new ones will operate side by side for a while. Module testing of individual units, system testing of the entire system and finally user acceptance was done to ensure that the system was fully acceptable by the user.


Details of  The Research Project

  1. Field of Study: Information Technology
  2. Format: DOC
  3. Level: Ideal of Undergraduates (Degree)
  4. Number of Pages: 48


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