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Kenyayote accepts sponsored blog posts but there are some requirements which you have to meet before your article is published. Read the requirements below before paying.

Kenyayote Sponsored Posts Requirements

At Kenyayote.com, we value your time and we will be more than happy if you don’t waste our time either. Please read our requirements below;

  • The post you are sharing must be unique. Should not be appearing on any site.
  • The post must be atleast 300 words long.
  • The post can only include two links (do-follow) to your site.
  • The links will be included in the post
  • You must pay before the article goes live (You can request a refund within 48 hours if you are not satisfied with our service).
  • The post must be on the following topics, education, business, travel, blogging, lifestyle, Art, Beauty, Fashion, Technology marketing or finance.
  • You company and email names will be used as a byline (author) details unless you provide a different name to be used.  If you don’t want your names to be used as your byline let us know so that we can use “Guest” as Byline.
  • Provide a high quality content that will provide value for our readers while naturally linking to your service or website

If your post meets the following requirements and you agree with them, go ahead and pay then follow the instructions below to get your article published.

How to get your sponsored post published at Kenya Yote after Paying

  • Email your Post to kenyayotecare@gmail.com
  • Your article will be published within 24 hours at https://kenyayote.com
  • You will be notified once your article is published.

Sponsored Post Extra Information

  • The sponsored post might be edited. The edits include formatting the title, images and grammar.
  • The article will not appear on the front page of the website.
  • The price is not negotiable
  • If you decide to pay via PayPal the currency will be converted to dollars automatically and you will be able to see the total before paying.


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