We will help you with University and College admission process in Kenya

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Let “Kenyayote Admission Consultancy” solve the admission puzzle for you now. We know that the process of getting admitted to any university or college in Kenya is tough. We are here to help you succeed.

About Kenyayote

Kenyayote.com is Kenya’s leading provider of educational content. It was founded in 2011 on the principle of quality education content.

Our goal is to help each scholar maximize his or her chances of success through services tailored to their needs and accomplishments.

About our Kenyayote Admission Consultancy

Kenyayote admission experts have worked with thousands of students, offering guidance to help them navigate the admissions process and achieve their educational goals.

We have five years experience in helping students find the colleges, universities, and programs that suit them best.

Our admission experts will review and make decisions on your applications in a short period.

How Kenyayote Admission Consultancy Works

Step 1

Pay for your order using the BUY NOW button

Step 2

You will receive an email notification of your order. Be patient, one of us will call you and learn about your challenge.

Step 3

In our first call, we will review your scores, listen to your concerns and then start setting up a college or univerity admission plans and explain how we can help.

Step 4

Finally, we will help you prioritize and make a plan with concrete, achievable goals. If the college or University you have selected does not have an intake or you are late in applying, we will recommend admission option that will best suit your career goals

Mode of Communication

Our experts work with students via phone, chat messages and email to help them accomplish their mission

What we will do for you

  • HELP you get your admission letter after being placed
  • HELP follow up your admission letter if it is stuck somewhere
  • HELP you apply for any course
  • Guide you on the best course to apply if you are beginning from scratch
  • Guide you on the process of getting admitted to campus
  • Help you choose a genuine course in university degree programmes
  • Inform you of the campus location and directions
  • Inform you about¬† campus life and accommodation

What we will not help you with

  • We will not help you get a scholarship
  • We will not help you in paying school fees
  • We will not help you apply for a course that you do not meet the university requirements

What next after paying for our service

  • Payment is done online
  • You will receive a short email notification of who will address you
  • We will get back to you via call. (Make sure you use a working phone number when placing your order)

NOTE: If you placed an order at night, kindly be patient and allow us to get back to you as from 9:00 am the next day.
REFUND: We will refund you if you are not satisfied with our services.


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    Roslyne Otieno

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    Doris Moraa Onkoba

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    weldon kipkemboi

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