The Necessity of Prayer (Spiritual ebook)

All things are spiritual. Nothing happens in this world by default. Everything we see and experience in our daily lives is predetermined in the spiritual world. The believer who understands that things don’t just happen is in a better position to pray because prayer itself is spiritual. This ebook is all about prayer and how we can change and influence situations and the world around on our knees.

Summary of Topics

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. All things are spiritual
  4. The invitation to prayer
  5. What is prayer?
  6. Why pray
  7. The necessity of prayer
  8. Why God created man
  9. The necessity of an altar
  10. Believer’s position
  11. The confidence we have
  12. Persistence in prayer
  13. Keys to effective prayer


I can’t deny the fact that I have issues – a whole lot of them for that matter. The world we live in is very chaotic and noisy. Many things are out of place, disorderly and messy. Sometimes I look around me and wonder; “Where am I even going? What am I supposed to do”? And believe it or not, darkness and confusion do engulf me sometimes. There are times I feel like am standing on a very shaky ground and any time, any moment I will fall. Insecurities, uncertainties, doubts and fear sometimes seem to take over my life. Other times I lose direction, and others, I lack strength to continue. This, for me, is the reality of life and I believe that I am not alone……

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  • Number of Pages: 96
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