Research paper on Cross-Cultural Management Strategies

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Research paper on Cross-Cultural Management Strategies

This the research  paper gives an in-depth analysis of why cross-cultural management is necessary in the current corporate world where organizations operate on a global scale.

It has been observed that management practices successfully employed in a particular culture may not be applicable in another. Scholars state that this is due to the reason that the way of life of a people may not be similar to others.

Therefore, culture and management are closely intertwined; a fact that necessitates the study and understanding of a culture so as to develop the most appropriate management practices and employ them.

According to Ogedengbe et al. (2) cross-cultural management refers to the “study of how people behave in an organization located in cultures and nations around the world.”

Cross-cultural management is essential for the success of international corporations across various cultures. Ogedengbe et al. (1) contend that even though the fundamental theories, concepts and principles of management are generally universal, it is their application that is different.

This is especially true in Africa where cultural and personal values underpin the success of an enterprise. There is need for managers in this century to have a global perspective of doing things because the modern business enterprise is characterized by employees and clients of different cultural backgrounds.

In another way, organizations expand and establish operational units across the globe and therefore there is need to learn how to manipulate several organizational factors to conform to the host cultures.

Competence in intercultural relations benefits the organization directly by improving customer relations. (Bennett, 2). Cultural diversity means that people of different parts of the world may not want the same product and if they do, it should have to be delivered differently in conformance with culture.

This means that managers and/or employees who are culturally diverse are in a better position to be productive in global corporations

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