Maisonette House plan in Kenya (4 bedroom)


Beautiful Maisonette House Plan in Kenya that comes with floor and wall plans

General Requirements before construction

  • All dimensions are in m unless otherwise specified.
  • Drawings are not to be scaled. Only figured dimensions to be used.
  • The contractor must check and verify all dimensions on site before commencing on any work.
  • All timber must be sawn cypress, pre-treated and to s.e specification.
  • Use 100x 50mm on wall plate,100 x 50mm rafters, 75 x50mm purlins 100 x 50mm tie beams , 100 x50mm struts and 100 x50mm king-post
  • All connections to be staggered nailed and tied with 25 gauge hoop iron
  • The contractor to use architectural drawing to identify the specified pitch where necessary.
  • Do not connect timber more than four times in every one member- advocate for long timber atleast 2.4m length.
  • Ensure the timber to be used is well seasoned free of defects and any obvious weakness.
  • Nominal cover to all reinforcement to meet durability standard, BS 8110
  • Maximum free water cement ratio to be 0.6
  • Minimum cement content to be 300kg/m3
  • Concrete cast against earth to have cover of atleat 75mm
  • provide concrete mass blinding of atleast 50mm in all strip foundations
  • All reinforced concrete to be vibrated properly.
  • Coarse aggregates must be crushed and within 5-45mm only
  • fine aggregate must be washed, sieved and less than 5mm.
  • PV. denotes permanent vent and should be above every opening foundation details to be det. on site by S.E
  • all reinforced concrete to be vibrated and mix proportion of 1:2:4
  • mass concrete to have mix of 1:3:6
  • ensure adherence to the local stipulated by-laws and and building codes
  • provide for electrical design and installation by reg, Electrical engineer.
  • all the wet area to be tiled on walls to a height of 1.8m above the floor finish


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