Expert Guide to Preventing Miscarriages: What to Expect During Your Next Pregnancy (ebook)

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This ebook provides a comprehensive medical expert guide on the latest information on emerging medical tests and treatment on miscarriages.  The chapters shown below illustrate on  what the book is all about.


  • “You Don’t Ever Forget a Miscarriage
  • When the Bleeding and Cramping Spell Trouble
  • What Tests and Treatments Are Available?
  • What Are the Genetic Causes of a Miscarriage?
  • What Are the Anatomical Causes of a Miscarriage?
  • What Are the Hormonal Causes of a Miscarriage?
  • Can Ordinary Infections or a Virus Cause a Miscarriage?
  • Diseases and Disorders in the Mother or the Fathering Miscarriage, The Good
  • Immunological Causes of Miscarriages: Is There a Mismatch Between You, Your Partner, and the Baby?
  • Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Miscarriage
  • Why Healthy Grieving Is So Important
  • What Should You Expect During Your Next Pregnancy?


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