Dear Suicidal Me

This eBook is written as an open letter to my 23-year-old self.

I want to reminder her there’s always another way to deal with depressing problems. And that way starts with creating a mental environment that’s peaceful enough to want more than suicide. Because when a troubled mind conveys troubled solutions, a peaceful mind conveys peaceful solutions.

So in this short eBook, I write about 8 things I wish my 23-year-old self would stop doing. And 8 other things I wish she would start doing. Not because I have the perfect solutions– I don’t. But because after 11 months of being on a trial-and-error run, I have learned a thing or two.

And I’ve decided to document that thing or two for any other person that might need it. Including my future self, just in case I start to forget.

So if you’re depressed and suicidal, I pray you find help in these pages. I pray you find reasons to not only stay alive, but to look forward to better days. And I pray that you won’t choose death; regardless of how difficult your situation is.

Happy Reading!


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