Best 2 bedroom 2 units 3 story House Plan in Kenya


Download high quality 2 bedroom 2 units 3 story house plan in Kenya and start construction your building now. You can use the design to get approval from the County.

House Plan Summary Details

  1. This drawing is copyright
  2. Do not scale off this drawing
  3. Any discrepancies to be reported to the office of the relevant consultant
  4. All works to be strictly in accordance with the standard specification and notes
  5. All levels and dimensions to be checked on site before any building works commence
  6. This drawing is to be read in conjunction with specification and all other relevant drawings
  7. Foundation depth to be determined on site
  8. Walls less than 200 mm thick to be reinforced with whoop iron after every two courses
  9. All sanitary works to the satisfaction of the MoH
  10. A single layer of 3-ply bituminous felt to be provided between masonry and r.c work
  11. PV denotes permanent air vents over doors and windows as shown in the drawing
  12. Drain pipes passing under tarmac driveways and buildings to be encasted in 150 mm thick concrete surround
  13. All reinforced structural works to Structural Engineer’s drawing
  14. All sanitary works to the satisfaction of MOH
  15. All roads, storm water drainage and foul sewerage to Civil Engineer’s drawing

Product Details

  • Format: pdf
  • Size: 4.3 mb


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