3 bedroom simple house plan for a small piece of land


Simple 3 bedroom house plan that fits well on a 0.05 ha piece of land.

House Plan General Notes

  • All dimensions are shown in mm unless otherwise specified.
  • Drawings are not to be scaled. Only figured dimensions to be used.
  • The contractor must check and verify all dimensions on site before commencement of any work.
  • Construction Civil Structural
  • All black cotton soils to be removed from below all buildings and paved surfaces. Buildings to be clear of black cotton soil to a distance 3m outside the the perimeter
  • All paved surfaces to be clear of black¬† cotton soil to a distance of 500mm outside the edge the surface.
  • All walls less than 200mm thick to be reinforced with hoop irons at every alternate course.
  • For all R.C work. refer to Structural Engineer’s detail.
  • Depth of the foundation to be determined on site to S.E’s approval.
  • All adjacent rc work and masonry walls to be tied with strap irons at every course.

Mechanical Works

  • All plumbing and drainage to comply with city council specifications
  • All service ducts to accessible from all floors
  • SVP denotes soil vent pipe to be provided at the head of the drainage
  • Drains passing beneath buildings and driveways to be encased in 150mm concrete surround.
  • All underground foul and waste drain pipes shall be upvc to comply with BSS5255
  • All inspection chambers covers and framing shall be cast iron to comply with BS497 TABLE 2 GRADE A.
  • The storm water pipe to comply with BS 556.
  • Minimum slope in the drain to be 1%.
  • No chases will be allowed in the slabs for the pipes .Sleeves will be allowed with written approval of the SE.
  • No cutting of concrete without the express approval of the Architect or S.E.
  • All testing of pipes must be completed before plastering.
  • All mechanical work must be cordinated with electrical and any conflicts must be clarified before work begins.
  • PV denotes permanent ventilation.


  • All conduits must be laid before plastering
  • All slabs at ground level to be poured over 1000 gauge polythene sheeting on 50mm stone dust, on
  • hardcore.
  • All soil under slabs and all around external foundations to be poisoned for termite control.
  • All soils on cut embankments to be stabilized. The slope not to exceed the natural angle

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