3 Bedroom House plan in Kenya (from the best House Designer in Nairobi)

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3 bedroom house plan in kenya

The 3 Bedroom House Plan in Kenya comes with a comprehensive design illustration of how your house will look like after construction is complete. 3 bedroom houses are the most common type of house in Kenya. This is because they come at affordable price and ideal for a family living.

3 bedroom house plan in Kenya (Rear Elevation)/Photo

What you will get in the 3 bedroom house plan

Floor plans measurements
Wall measurements
Roofing specifications
Softboard Ceiling Specifications
Window and Door Schedule
Exterior  look

Basically this plans will give all you need in building your house

3 bedroom house plan in Kenya (side elevation)/Photo

Some few points to note about the house plan before your buy

All measurements are in mm
Contractor to check and verify all dimensions on the drawing and any discrepancies to be reported to project architect
Damp proof course to be provided under all walls.
Permanent vents to be over all openings except wc and sh.
Walls to be reinforced using wallbars.
Depth of foundation to be determined on site.
Hoop iron to be incorporated after every two
alternative courses
All electrical and plumbing work to be executed by qualified personnel
Dimensions to be read not scaled off.

3 bedroom house plan in Kenya ( front elevation)Photo

What next after purchasing the 3 Bedroom House Plan

After purchasing the house plans it  will be sent to your email in PDF format
Download the pdf and print it
Give the printed version to the Contractor to check and verify all dimensions.


3 bedroom house plan in Kenya(side elevation)/photo

If you got any question or need clarification about the house design kindly contact the seller before you buy.


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